Australian War Memorial

On the FIRST of September the Australian War Memorial will open the Art Exhibition ‘Perspectives’ in Canberra. It will be the FIRST show the AWM will present with official war artists eX de Medici and Jon Cattapan. It will also be the FIRST time Pounce has designed the branding, art catalogue, marketing print material and exhibition design for an AWM show. With all these FIRSTS surely there should be cake!

Published August 25, 2010
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Friendships & Memories

Remember your best buddy in year 6? How you use to do those things together and played that game on the whatchyamacallit? Well neither do we, so imagine our delight when P.C.B Designs approached us the illustrate and Design a Primary School journal! A journal created to noting down all your favourite (and not so) things in Primary school. Above are the characters developed for the journal. Photos of the full book coming soon!

Published August 16, 2010
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Red Cross Poster

This week we got our hands on a printed poster we designed for Red Cross earlier this year. It’s always nice to see (and smell) the final printed piece!

Published August 4, 2010
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