Friendships & Memories Journal

School memories are quick to fade, especially those in our Primary School days so we at Pounce were delighted when P.C.B Designs approached us to illustrate and design a Primary School diary. The diary allows school children’s to note down their favorite (and not so) things in Primary school. If you’re looking to order one, contact Paulette at

Published October 21, 2010
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Momiji Interview

Momiji Dolls UK interviews Pounce member Fiona Lee, on the freshly released Momiji Christmas Dolls for 2010, designed by Studio Pounce.

Published October 19, 2010
Less than a minute read

Momiji Picnic

Our special client Momiji have recently released an Australasian
E-commerce Store and to celebrate, shipped us some very British treats for an afternoon tea. We took some happy snaps of the event and shot them back to Momiji HQ in the UK. Now, the story has been blogged so click through to check it out.

Published October 13, 2010
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Circus Girl Children's Novel

Somersaults, beams and leotards! Earlier this year Pounce created 23 illustrations for Publishing Company Pearson Australia. Now, a few months down the track, our illustrations have been reborn into the tidy little Year 5 children’s novel — ‘Circus Girl’. Soon the novel will be available for purchase online, but until then, here are some pictures we snapped of our very own copy. Mmm-mmm smell that fresh-fresh print!

Published October 1, 2010
Less than a minute read