Momiji Christmas Dolls

Stuck for a Christmas present idea? How about a Momiji doll designed by Pounce?

Robin, Sparkle & Pudding are inspired by the 3 members of Studio Pounce. Robin is based on Fiona Lee as she used to have a bob hairdo and often squish-hugs her pet cats. Sparkle is based on Chris Starr as his last name has earned him the nickname ‘Sparkles’, and Pudding is based on Ryan Taylor as being an amazing cook he often makes a mean lunch.

Now available from Momiji’s online store, as well as David Jones, Borders and smaller gift shops around Australia, these dolls are sure to hit the Christmas spot. Jingle~jingle.

Published November 26, 2010
Less than a minute read

Castran Gilbert Website Design

If home is where the heart is then Pounce is adding ‘Match Maker’ to it’s list of services. Given the opportunity by our Real Estate client Castran Gilbert, Pounce was asked to create a new design for their existing website. The site is now up and running and can be viewed at

Published November 24, 2010
Less than a minute read

Ishka Karma Card

Karma’s gonna get’chya! Good Karma that is, in the way of the loyalty card and key fob Pounce designed for the store that brings the world to you — ISHKA.

Published November 23, 2010
Less than a minute read