Glottogon Puzzle Illustrations

Glottogon is an online resource for award winning children’s books, kids products and educational puzzles focusing on a Bilingual selection. This year Pounce received the opportunity to create a series of 15 illustrations for their puzzle range. Using bold rounded shapes and subtle photographic textures a world of dancing circus monkeys, tiny fairies and space explorers were brought to life.

Published August 9, 2012
Less than a minute read

Open House Melbourne

The annual Australian event Open House Melbourne (OHM) is a free 2 day weekend experience, inviting the public to explore incredible buildings for free through guided tours. This year, it was our great pleasure to work in partnership with OHM to create content and design for the 2012 Children’s Program. 4 mascots were created to help young OHM attendees explore Melbourne city and were visually based on the ‘place’ icon from the Open House Melbourne logo. The program’s graphics were bold and simple to attract a young reader, as well as textured and layered to appeal to an older audience. The Children’s Program was filled with activities designed to encourage engagement with the city, it’s buildings and public transport, and was available for free during the weekend event held on the 28th and 29th of July 2012.

Published August 3, 2012
1 minute read