Grandaflora Branding

Grandaflora is a commercial landscaping contractor based in Victoria Australia. The landscaping contractor deals with…

Published May 23, 2013
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Industry Beans Coffee Bags

Created by brothers Steve and Trevor Simmons, Industry Beans is a coffee roaster & cafe located in Fitzroy, Melbourne Australia. Industry Beans features seasonal blends and the finest quality single origin coffees.

Working with Steve and Trevor, Pounce designed the coffee bag packaging along with the identity and an e-commerce website. The new steampunk-esque graphics reference the brothers scientific approach to their caffeine creations and the mechanical roasters that ready the beans for our greedy consumption.

Published May 16, 2013
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Museum of Brisbane Rebrand

The Museum of Brisbane explores the seemingly ordinary people and places of Brisbane Queensland Australia, and uncovers their unexpected and fascinating stories.

In 2012 the Museum closed it’s doors while settling into it’s newly refurbished home in the City Town Hall. During this time Pounce was commissioned to create a new look for the Museum’s branding when it would re-open in 2013.

To create the Museum’s new brand, Pounce combined a contemporary typeface with art deco like elements to convey the modern nature of the institution, while still honouring the the grand and distinct personality of the building which it lives in.

Published May 10, 2013
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Pillow Fight Fame

On Saturday the 4th of May, Studio Pounce officially turned 4! And on this day we were gifted with the information that our Threadless t-shirt design ‘Pillow Fight’ was seen on the TV series ‘Community’ worn by the character Abed. We’ll try not to let the fame go to our head!

Click on the image to see the original t-shirts.

Published May 6, 2013
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